• Chinese companies help ease power shortage in Africa

    Chinese companies help ease power shortage in Africa  China and African counties have been increasingly cooperating in the electric power sector in the recent years and a group of large proj

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  • 充电桩严重制约新能源汽车发展-急需民企助力


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  • Why use dieless crimping tools

    1. Used to provide better crimp effect 2 Improve the quality of electrical connections 3. Reduce dies selection and matching problem 4. Provide a bigger compression ratio range of crimping works 5. Provide accurate crimp dimension

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  • State Council approves Shanghai’s city plan

    Being a noted historic and cultural city, Shanghai is also a center of international economy, finance, trade, shipping and technological innovation. Therefore, the construction of Shanghai should undertake a bigger role to serve the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River economic belt, striding ahead in deepeni..

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