Why use dieless crimping tools

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Why use die less crimping tool?

dieless crimpiing tools

1. Used to provide better crimp effect

2 Improve the quality of electrical connections

3. Reduce dies selection and matching problem

4. Provide a bigger compression ratio range of crimping works

5. Provide accurate crimp dimension

provide better crimp effect

Conventional cable crimping operation using a fixed dies crimping method, the use of a certain compression ratio to crimp the cable and terminal, but crimp quality is depend on cable and fitting dimension, and out force of crimping tools, whether the dies Correct choice a very important point, in general, for non-tension strands conductor crimp or compression ratio between 0.85-0.866, but for braided wire and multi-core thin wire and rubber cables and other flexible cables crimp compression, Than the requirements of about 0.8 to 0.7 compression rate is not possible for change able dies, the compression is relatively easy to make the fixture in the flash, after crimping lead to discharge, or because use indent crimping tool lead wire cross-sectional area is too small, in case under high load operating conditions, It is easy to make the connection between the cable and fittings with high temperature which leads to the fire or fuse of conductors, which poses a serious safety problem.

SKJ we provide the sliding dies crimping system, the sliding dies are possible to change and control the size of the crimping size, we patented special stroke control method to accurately control the crimping size, with the gap Larger and compression ratio requirements of a larger range of crimp work easier and easier, reducing the choice of dies problems, significantly improve the quality of crimping to provide the best electrical connection effect

So choose the die less crimping tools that's right for you。

crimping cable lug

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