Hydraulic Busbar Bender for Cu/Al Busbar (BB-200)

Model Number: BB-200                       
Product Name:Hydraulic Bender


Max Oouput: 250Kn
Max Pressure:      700bar
Stroke:                    120mm
Bending:        200x13mm
Aangle of greatest flexion 90°
Bend Radius:      10/15/30min

Dimension:       450x250x280mm
Weight:        20kg

 The horizontal design of BB-200 can make sure bus bar won't warping during bending.

Including bending angle showing device.

The bracket can keep the center of gravity, and avoid diverting.

Open or close the bending head quickly can make bus bar much more easly to place in or take out.

The adjustable pads can support bus bar in different width, and make sure the it fits the force center.

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  • No.: : Hydraulic Busbar Bender for Cu/Al Busbar (BB-200)
  • Brand : : SKJ
  • Weight: : 20kg
  • Price :