Hydraulic Busbar Bender for Cu/Al Busbar (BB-160)

Model Number:BB-160
Product Name:Bus bar (Hydraulic Bender)

Max Oouput:150Kn
Max Pressure:700bar
Aangle of greatest flexion120°
Bend Radius:8/15min

U Type Benging:70mm

The honrizontal design allow the bus bar keep straight during bending.

Equiped with bending angle showing device.

The support bracket can keep the center of gravity .

Bending head can be quickly opened and closed which allow the longer bus bar can be put in or take out easliy.

This machine can connect to various single acting hydraulic pumps which output pressure is 700 bar.

The bending axis is replaceable to fit different thickness copper or aluminum bending work.

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  • No.: : Hydraulic Busbar Bender for Cu/Al Busbar (BB-160)
  • Brand : : SKJ
  • Weight: : 23kg
  • Price :