HDL 300B

Battery operated Hexagonal dieless crimping tool

Crimping Capacity

10-300mm² Cu / Al terminal / sleeve , maximum Out diameter Ø32mm

Out force


Operating pressure

Maximum 700Bar

Operating Voltage

14.4V DC Li-ion Battery

Charging Voltage

100 / 220 VAC





Standard accessories

Plastic carry case x 1, Charger x 1, 14,4V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery x1 , Shoulder girdle x1




Suitable: Cu and Al strand and webbing conductor connection crimping

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  • Real hexagonal crimping without deckle edge, fitting compression without bending.

  • Step less crimping size setting from 6-34mm (10-300mm²strand or webbing conductor)

  • Out force control depend on size and material of fitting, smart force control

  •  Crimping force control by electronic sensor, precise and reliable.

  • Pressure relief by manual, keep pressure for hold fitting avoid spring return of crimping.

  • Crimping head open able, suitable for sleeve or joint connection works.

  • With LED light for working at dark place.


cable terminal

TAG:   die less Battery operated tool Hydraulic crimping tool
  • No.: : HDL300-B
  • Brand : : SKJ
  • Weight: : 10kg without battery
  • Price : negotiable