Mini battery operated hydraulic pump


  • A kind of light weight design battery operated pump

  • Suitable for out force 250kN and stroke 30mm hydraulic cylinder or head.

  • Possible works: crimping, cutting, punching, flange spreading wedge etc…

  • Idea for rescue and repair works

  • With 700bar relief valve ensure working safety

  • Option radio remote control

  • Mechanical pressure relief at any pressure.

  • With PCB and recorder function for repair works

Mini battery operated hydraulic pump


Maximum operating pressure700bar
Hydraulic oil120cc
Low pressure Oil delivery1.2L/min
High pressure oil delivery0.3L/min


Hydraulic hose0.75m
Radio remote controloption
Shoulder strapONE
Battery14.4v 4.0Ah
Battery14.4v 5.0Ah(option

Accessories of hydraulic pump

TAG:   液压泵
  • No.: : LEC-BP120
  • Brand : : SKJ
  • Weight: : 4.5KG
  • Price : negotiable