Multi-function battery operated tool LEC-45X


  • Pin connection design make easier change all of attachments in 10 seconds including Cable cutting, punching, bending, crimping and nut split, angle steel process etc….

  • Maximum out force 125KN stroke 44mm

  • State LED indicator

  • Mechanical pressure release under any pressure

  • LED lighting for operating at dark place or cabin.

  • With shoulder girdle for overhead line working

  • Head 180°rotating



Model No.LEC-45XLEC-MM36


Drive unit14.4V DC14.4V DC
Ram Stroke44mm44mm
Maximum operating Pressure700bar700bar
Maximum out force 12.7ton/125kN12.7ton/125kN
Accessories110/220V AC Charger + 4.0 Li-ion battery with indicator110/220V AC Charger + 4.0 Li-ion battery with indicator 

Suitable for

  • Cable cutting crimping

  • 50x50x6 Angle steel cutting, punching ,V cut and bending works

  • Nut split Maximum capacity Nut 36mm (Bolt M20)

  • Sheet metal punching

  • Railway contact wire cutting

  • Metal duct cutting

  • Capacity see specification of attachment

Attachments (option)

44AT-Hex Crimping Head

六角形压接头Crimping head open able 

suitable for all kind 12 ton U type dies (dies sold separate)


Crimping Capacity:

  • 10-400mm² Cooper terminal and 300mm² Aluminum terminal crimping

  • Maximum sleeve O.D:Φ32mm

  • Dimension:112x94x46mm

  • Weight:1.3kg

44AT-SC40 Steel rope cutter

钢芯铝绞线切刀头44AT-SC40 cutting blade possible replace with Kudos HYSC-45 hydraulic cutter

Open able cutting head design, connection by two pins, suitable for end and middle cutting works


Cutting Capacity:

  • ACSR conductorΦ40mm

  • Cu/Al conductorΦ44mm

  • Dimension141x94x59mm

  • Weight 2.0kg

44AT-50AP  Puncher

冲孔头Produce by high strength steel heavy duty design

Reliable and easy operating

Possible for oval or square dies

Connection by two lock pins

Punching Capacity

  • Angle steel  Φ17.5 mm t=7 mmΦ20 mm t=5 mm

  • Cooper bar Φ20 mm t=7.5 mm

  • Standard accessories: 10.5, 13.5,17.5,20.5mm round punch dies each one set

  • Dimension185x83x90mm

  • Weight 6.1kg

44AT-50AC  Angle steel cutter

角钢切断头Cutting head enable open by two pins suitable for cutting a long piece angle steel

Suitable for 560x50x6mm angle steel process

Cutting Capacity

  • Angle steel50 x 50 x 6mm

  • Dimension177x140x188mm

  • Weight5.3kg

44AT-50VAC Angle steel V cutter

角钢V型切断头V cutter suitable for Angle steel end cutting or 90°bending V cutting

provide the angle steel 90°bending and welding make a perfect surface

Cutting Capacity:

  • Angle steel50 x 50 x 6 mm

  • 90°and  V shape cutting

  • Dimension200x170x198

  • Weight12.0kg

44AT-50AB  Angel steel bender

角钢弯曲头Bending head open able by a lock pin, use for put material into operating place
with high adjustable support plate suitable for different size angle steel,
perfect bending result no twist.

Bending Capacity:

  • Angle steel:50 x 50 x 6 mm

  • Maximum bending degree: 90°

  • Dimension 255x120x105

  • Weight6.5kg

44AT-SP Sheet metal puncher

薄铁管冲孔头Accept IZUMI SH-10 sheet metal punching dies, installation fast and very good performance of cutting works

Punch Capacity:Maximum hole diameter 4" (Ø115.5mm)

  • Thickness of material : Stainless steel plate 1.6mm, soft steel plate 3.2mm

  • Accessories : setting threads1/4” and 3/8” screw bolt, collar (large, medium, small)

  • Punching dies option

  • Dimension110x94x60mm

  • weight2.3kg

  • Punching die should be ordered separately

44AT-50YC Cable Cutter

电缆切断头Scissors type design idea for easy put in cable in place for cutting works.


  • PVC cooper wire 500mm²

  • PVC aluminum wire500mm²²

44AT-N36 Nut Splitter

螺帽切除头Use for cutting rust and corrosion nut


  • Bolt: M10 - M24

  • Nut dimension:16-36mm

  • dimension89x98x22

  • weight0.7kg

  • with long and short cutting blade each

44AT-MM36 Nut Splitter

斜头螺帽切除头Nut splitter with 5° for cutting on flat steel plate


  • Screw bolt: M10 - M24

  • Nut dimension:16-36mm

  • dimension125x96x40

  • weight1.4kg


TAG:  多功能工具 Multi-function tool
  • No.: : LEC-45X
  • Brand : : SKJ
  • Weight: : 5.0KG
  • Price : negotiable